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5 things I love about fall!

Ready or not, we have to face the cold cold winter soon, but good news... we get to experience the best season EVER first! Fall has always been my favorite season, even in the flat prairies where I grew up. But I must say that now that I live in the beautiful rolling hills on the East Coast, that love has been multiplied. By like, a lot. I've come up with my faaaaavorite can't live without things about this beautiful season!


So I grew up in a very, very cold place, and usually by the time the leaves turned their full vibrant colors, there was a heavy layer of snow covering them. I can't help but always stop and stare at awe at the leaves covering the ground. Oh my gosh, they're so beautiful! I'll also never turn down the opportunity to take some pretty backroads and let my eyes slowly gaze over the colorful hills. How can you not appreciate nature when it's that in your face?!

Two. The sweaters.

I will admit that I have a huge trunk FILLED to the brim with sweaters that I only see 1/3 out of the year, but what a cozy feeling it is to open that trunk and grab an armful of fuzzy warmth. I cannot. get. enough.

Three. The hot drinks.

Sure, you can have them any time of year, but my Novembers always consisted of a creamy hot chocolate after shoveling off the pond. Canadian, I know. Personally, I'm so pale and used to the cold and I'm really just not a summer girl when it comes to frappuccino's and flip flops. I'd much prefer a hot drink with a book by the fire any day! All this talking about it, I'm tearing through my pantry for some hot chocolate. I need it bad!

Four. Thanksgiving!

What is better than getting a bunch of your favorite pals together and cooking some rich, hearty food? Uhh, nothing! That turkey coma is probably my favorite mental state to be in because you're so full and happy and by that time, you can kind of start to think about all of the food you can make with your leftovers. I'm talking weeks of leftovers, usually. Being over 2,000 miles from home means I don't get to go back for weekend trips and holidays like Thanksgiving. But thankfully, I have amazing friends that have taken me in the past couple years and the food and the good company have made a girl so incredibly thankful. This year, I'm lucky enough to spend it with my dear boyfriend and his family. I'm so excited to see the different traditions between our families and hang out with people I love so much!

Five. Christmas shopping!

Yeah, yeah... I'm thinking about Christmas in November, but I seriously cannot avoid it. I work for a catalog, and when it's the middle of summer, we're shooting our winter issue. I see Santa's and Christmas trees allllll summer long. You'd think I'm sick of it by the time November/December roll around, but by that time my Christmas inspiration is plentiful and I have some crazy decoration and gift ideas brewing. And come fall, I can finally get started making those Christmas ideas a reality! I PROMISE that I don't put up the tree until at least December. Promise!

That's all I got, folks! I'd love to hear your favorite things about fall, too! If you decide to list YOUR favorite things on your blog, tweet at me @vakreverden and we can talk about fall forever and ever and ever because it rules so hard. <3

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