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Dresses, beanies and leather jackets - and being poor.

Yesterday was my first day off in what feels like a million years, and I NEEDED to put away some time to hang out with friends and not be holed up in my room. So my dear friend and I came up with the idea of throwing together a fun mini-shoot downtown. I wasn't concerned about having the newest, most expensive clothing, or having a make-up/hair artist stand ready, but I wanted an authentic, down-to-earth shoot where we could scout around downtown and not be too worried about perfect shots. Joke was on us, the shots turned out so pretty! Hannah was a natural, and we had so much fun finding cute spots and doing quick wardrobe changes. We decided on some cutesy fall clothes, and then an edgy, badass babe look with my favorite fall staple: the beanie!

On the other hand, I'm sorry guys, our budgets don't allow you to "shop this shot" because I can't speak for her, but a lot of my favorite clothes are years old and aren't available anymore. And that's okay! If you like these looks, by all means, be inspired to create your own similar feel.

I find myself struggling to understand how to find the time and money to do these product hauls, and I don't want my readers to think I'm able to do that if I'm not. My policy is honesty, and honestly, I'm okay with being poor right now.

So here's our quickly thrown together, snapchatted "does this look okay?" mini-shoot that went amazingly, and I strongly encourage you to try it some time!

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