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Creating a Mood/Inspiration Board

Now I think we're all aware that my new office space is going to be happening SO SOON, and I've been spending this week putting it all together and perfecting my vision. In this vision, I wanted some sort of inspiration board to hang on the wall above and just kind of give off happy vibes every time I sit down to work. It took a LOT of Pinteresting, reading through magazines and cutting out things I like to get this mood board, but I've got it and it's perfect!

I had an old corkboard hanging around that was hiding behind the tornado of things in my closet, so I dug it out and decided to give it a second chance. Going through the things that were already on it was so nice and nostalgic. All of my concert stubs, some pins from my hometown, pictures of old friends from photobooths, agh. It was so nice! But it was also very clear I arranged it in my teenaged years because it was messy and WAY too colorful, much like myself at 16. So I peeled it all off and tucked the sweet memories away.

First, I printed all of my pretty Pinterest photos I liked, grabbed some scissors and my magazines and set to work getting everything cut out. I didn't really have a cohesive plan going into it, and I can't say that it's entirely cohesive coming out, but it's got sections. Kind of. I just played around with the shapes and themes and pinned things where they looked best. My board consisted of:

-My favorite artwork

-Flowers (because flowers make me happy!)



-Inspirational Quotes

Feel free to use these suggestions for your own board, too!

We've got a winner! I put together a board on Pinterest with all of the photos and links to their origins and creators HERE.

With the 3 photos I used from either a magazine or other source, I can redirect you to here, here and here.

I was listening to some great music while creating this, and you can listen to it, too! Click on the picture below to visit my special "Mood Board" Spotify playlist full of some of my favorite songs, bands and overall feel-good music.

I want to see what inspires you! Leave a comment with your ideas for your own mood/inspiration board or SHOW me by using #vakreverdenblog on Instagram! If you would like to have your creation featured on the blog, follow @vakreverden on Instagram and tag me in a picture of your board. Make sure to include what inspired you and tell me a little bit about your ideas. :)

NEXT UP: the FINALE! Seriously sitting here waiting on my desk to arrive any moment, I can't wait! Hopefully by Friday all of the pieces will be here and I can show off my new and improved space! Subscribe and follow to get updates on new posts!


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