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Life As I Know It.

Wow, it feels like forever since I've been able to sit down and get a post in. Life has been SO crazy around here, and today is my first day off in 9 days! My lovely Instagram followers may be wondering why I've been counting my days this past week, and truth is, I'm trying to keep myself sane by counting down the days til I get to go HOME. I work freelance for an amazing company and we are on location for nearly the entire month of January. Being put up in a hotel and having meals paid for and beds made for you is pretty great, I can't lie, but I'm pretty far from home right now, and I miss the sweet souls back home SO MUCH. These location days are tons of work, but I am incredibly lucky and the places we go have been absolutely beautiful. What a treat!

I've been eager to show y'all some of the pretty things I've been seeing, but when you're averaging 7 miles a day (thanks, FitBit for keeping track for me!) running around set, hauling equipment and getting stellar pictures on the camera, it's hard to snap a stellar iphone pic. However, those snack runs give me a couple minutes to gather my thoughts, and snap a photo of my office space for the day! Follow my Instagram @vakreverden to see the daily updates! I'm getting pretty excited to get back home, I'm moving houses (redecorating, check!), and my birthday is right around the corner! BF and I are trying to desperately plan a trip to central Florida in March for our belated anniversary, and me planning a Disneyworld trip is like giving a child their entire Halloween bag and saying "have at it." I go CRAZY. Planning outfits to impress Prince Charming takes a lot of work, you know.

Today has been so perfect! This hotel makes an amazing continental breakfast, and I literally got up half an hour before it ended, grabbed a tray, loaded it up and went and ate mine in bed. Thankfully, I didn't run into any coworkers in the lobby because I definitely wandered down in my teddybear onesie. I ended up heading out on the town for a bit to pick up some yarn and a few other room/bath necessities and may just wind up knitting myself a scarf this evening. This might be a little nerdy, but I make miniatures in my spare time, so I've been cutting up little mini bricks for the better part of the day and gluing them in to place. They're super cute and not nerdy at all... I promise.

Time to go channel the old woman in me and arm knit my scarf. If you're looking for a fun and quick project, check out the one I'm trying from Simply Maggie and her super easy video tutorial!

Keep checking in on those photos! <3


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