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Halloween Party Under $50!

If you're like me, thoughts of Halloween start creeping into your head in late August. It's the one day of the year that I could stand to be a 365 days a year kind of thing. I love Halloween. So, this year my roommates and I are throwing a bash on a budget and Amazon* seriously saved the day. Here are 6 spooky products totaling UNDER $50 that will make all of the other Halloween party-throwers jealous.

Sure, tablecloths are great and can help set the mood for a party, but I actually bought this for a different purpose. At our house, the party will be in the basement. On the way downstairs, we have an open shelving pantry lining the staircase that maybe doesn't so much go with the theme. Also, nobody wants the crazy partygoers stealing the ramen! (Ramen is life.) So this tablecloth is going to be repurposed as sheet to cover the wall leading to the basement, and also darken the area to make it spookier. However, feel free to use it as a tablecloth.

If your house is a normal house, your guests are likely to walk through a door into the party room. This tinsel curtain will add the perfect wow factor to the party entry experience. Even if you have a really boring party going on the other side, nobody hates walking through a tinsel curtain. For $10, I would say it is totally worth it.

Every Halloween party should have a costume contest! If Lindsay Lohan shows up in a zombie bride costume, she's obviously going to win. This year, I found the perfect statue to give to the person who slaved away on their costume to get it costume party winning worthy.

As well as drinks, people like to snack at parties. Snacks can be as easy as cubed cheese/cracker/pepperoni combo, or maybe something fancier like bacon-wrapped chicken bites. But maybe your snacks will need some picks to hold them together. I found these cute pirate-y cocktail picks to add some theme to one of the smallest details, the food. The good thing about these is there are 250 of them. You will be able to use them at your Halloween parties forever. A $6 investment for a lifetime of organized snacks.

Turn that hallway into a moody hallway with a blacklight! Give your house a haunted house kind of feel. Maybe you'll summon out the residing ghosts to join your party, too. These look great in any room but the bathroom (trust me), so give your guests an enhanced spooky experience by switching out a regular light for this guy.

Light up that drink table next to the dance floor with this cute little guy. He will provide that romantic glow on the table as you make eyes at the vampire across the room. He will also aide in helping you pour your drink. Nothing like a dark party where you can't see how much alcohol you're pouring into that cup! Be responsible, have a ghost on your table.

That sums it up! I hope your Halloween is as popping as it is spooky. Again, thanks to Amazon* for the marvelously priced decor, as well as the photos used in this post (apart from the top one, I did that). I don't have the time or the energy to take my own right now, I'm too busy planning my awesome party.

Post your favorite Halloween decor item in the comments, and help us make the ultimate Halloween party decoration list!

Happy Halloween!


@ Vakre Verden

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